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Regulatory Affairs & Registrations


Market Authorization

With over 50 years of combined experience interacting with the Ministry of Health in UAE, we register pharmaceutical products, natural products, medical devices, and OTCs in record time. Read about our track record in the Case Study Sections.

At every stage of the registration process, we keep you updated as we locally follow-up with registration dossiers at the Ministry of Health and other health regulatory agencies in the region.

Non-“free-zone” advantage

UltraPharma’s experience in the field allows us to guarantee that your products will seamlessly pass through UAE customs.
Given that our facilities are not in any of the “free zones,” local business managers and decision-makers see us as a trusted long-term partner.


With over three hundred products registered, UltraPharma and UltraMed are well versed in the dynamic regulatory requirements in the UAE and the GCC. We have the authority from the Ministry of Health (MOH) to register, import, market, and distribute the products of our partners – unlike other non- registered “free-zone” companies that do not have such permissions.

Insurance codes

We offer comprehensive support to help manufacturers navigate the complexities of registering and obtaining appropriate insurance codes that help patients get reimbursements and enable affordable access to therapy.
Our solutions include negotiating with health authorities to get insurance codes for pharmaceutical products, and strategic consulting to manufacturers to effectively balance the Ministry of Health’s mandates while meeting product commercialization goals.

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