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WildCape UMF 8+ certified, MGO 182+ raw manuka honey from New Zealand - 250g

WildCape UMF 8+ certified, MGO 182+ raw manuka honey from New Zealand - 250g

Mild Taste Unlike manuka honey from other regions in New Zealand, which can be quite acrid and bitter in flavor, the manuka honey from this region is famed for its mild flavors while still retaining its health-enhancing properties.

What is UMF honey? The unique manuka factor (UMF) is a special factor not contained in any other variety of honey. Only some strains of the New Zealand manuka bush (leptospermum Scoparium) produce honey containing this unique manuka factor.

The UMF brand mark is your assurance that the honey is verified by the UMF honey association. About Wild Cape At Wild Cape, Bill Savage and his team specialize in the production of manuka honey from the wild East Cape region of New Zealand. We ensure that all of our hives are in optimal condition to collect the prized nectar from the native manuka forests. As New Zealand manuka forests begin to flower we take the bees to gather manuka flower nectar. We specifically select manuka forests that will yield Unique manuka factor honey. Not all manuka forests yield honeys with these special properties and the East Cape Region of New Zealand is well know for producing the most potent manuka honey. Once the forests finish flowering we leave the bees to ripen the honey and when the combs are sealed we remove the surplus honey by gently blowing the bees off the combs. These combs are taken back to our base in Gisborne to be put through large centrifuge's which remove the honey but leave the wax comb intact for the bees to use again. About Our Region The Eastcape region comprises the eastern most tip of New Zealand. Geographically isolated by the Raukumara ranges it has remained sparsely populated and unspoiled. The region still has large tracts of virgin forest and endless untouched sweeping sandy beaches.

    New Zealand Multifloral Manuka Honey
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