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Viori Mini Shampoo & Conditioner Hair Bar Set - Native Essence

Viori Mini Shampoo & Conditioner Hair Bar Set - Native Essence

What's included:

  • One Mini Shampoo Bar
  • One Mini Conditioner Bar

Each Viori mini set comes with both a shampoo and conditioner bar in each box. These minis make it even easier to travel with, share a sample with a friend. Not sure what scent you will like? Try out different scents before buying the larger bars.

Just like our full-sized shampoo and conditioner bars, Viori Minis are packed with ingredients that moisturize, strengthen, rejuvenate, volumize and repair. Each bar can be used up to 10 times (or even more), depending on the length and thickness of your hair. They’re 100% natural, vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, plastic-free, pH-balanced, sustainable, carbon neutral and ethically sourced. Available in all our regular shampoo and conditioner scents.

Viori Mini Shampoo & Conditioner Hair Bar Set Benefits

• Moisturizes • Strengthens • Rejuvenates • Renews • Volumizes • Increases Natural Shine • Repairs • 

Natural Ingredients & Their Function

Longsheng Rice: renews, rejuvenates, repairs. Cocoa Butter: conditions, softens, moisturizes. Shea Butter: conditions, moisturizes. Rice Bran Oil & Hydrolyzed Rice Protein: increases volume and shine, strengthens. Aloe Verarenews, rejuvenates, repairs, conditions, smooths, increases shine. Bamboorenews, rejuvenates, repairs, conditions, smooths, increases shine.



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