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MOP Mixed Greens Moisture Shampoo - 250 ml

MOP Mixed Greens Moisture Shampoo - 250 ml


MOP Mixed Greens Moisturizing Shampoo utilizes vegetable-derived cleansing agents, nutritious greens, and olive oil to nourish and gently cleanse hair. This miracle mixture soothes and softens the hair like no other. Lids may vary.

The daily routine of lather and rinsing never worked so well. Dry, processed, and abused hair is bathed in luxurious moisture. Mixed Greens Shampoo contains extracts of Cucumber, Olive Oil, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Apple Cider Vinegar to make dry hair want to gobble it up.

For Normal to Medium Hair. Nutritious greens, Jojabo and Olive Oil nourish and gently cleanse dehydrated hair without adding weight. Soothes and softens the hair. 100% Vegan, Never Tested on Animals. No added Sulfates, Parabens, or Sodium Chloride. Infused with fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.


  • Softly and gently cleanses your hair giving density and volume
  • Provides the hair with an airy volume throughout the day and saturates them with nutrients
  • Makes hair obedient and facilitates combing


Create your hair story with a mop, a customizable haircare collection that delivers high-impact results. Powered by an exclusive blend of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals with the most delicious scents, the mop delivers freedom of expression and wearable style. Mop represents love, diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity, never exclusivity.

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