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Le Petit Prince Baby Bottle Cleanser, 400 ml

Le Petit Prince Baby Bottle Cleanser, 400 ml

Keeping your baby’s bottles and dinnerware accessories is vital to protect your child from various microorganisms. To make your job easy, we have developed the Le Petit Prince Baby Bottle Cleanse, a practical and efficient solution to make sure that your infant’s meals are safe.

Le Petit Prince Baby Bottle Cleanse is formulated with wheat and maize extracts that can effectively remove milk protein, pulp, and juice residues. You can avoid scrubbing and scratching your baby’s bottles and clean everything within seconds.

With the Le Petit Prince dish cleanser formula, you never have to worry about harsh chemicals ending up in your kid’s food. Le Petit Prince Baby Bottle Cleanse is free of allergens, parabens, synthetic colorants, and alcohol for more safety. Use this amazing infant bottle wash soap for your kid’s pacifier, dishes, cups, and washable toys. It can clean any baby bottle and eliminate any breastmilk or formula residue, as well as heavy odors.


    It rinses easily, leaving no residue that could be ingested by babies.

    organic olive extract and chamomile extract, which ensures a subtle and fresh scent that will not interfere with the baby food. The dish soap comes in a practical bottle with pump for easier use.
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