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Heel Traumeel Cream - 50g

Heel Traumeel Cream - 50g

Traumeel® Cream is helpful as a local treatment in musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation, such as ankle sprains, tendon disorders, strains, contusions, and hematoma. It effectively resolves the inflammation to get you back on track again.


Traumeel® is all about getting you back to doing what you love most. Whether that’s running, playing football, teaching yoga classes, or simply taking a nice long walk. But the truth is even the fittest people injure themselves every once in a while. And that’s where Traumeel® comes in. This effective, natural medication shortens inflammation processes and accelerates healing.



Injuries are a part of our daily activities. And when an injury occurs, the body reacts with inflammation, which manifests with swelling, pain, redness and limited mobility. 

Despite unpleasant symptoms, inflammation is a natural body reaction to injury and is necessary for proper healing. 

If inflammation is blocked or not appropriately treated, it can make things worse leading to chronicity, creation of ‘weak spots’ and recurrent injuries (like repetitive ankle sprains).1

Sometimes injured persons rely on conventional anti-inflammatory medications or analgesics to mitigate the symptoms. While alleviating pain, they can block inflammatory processes, which may lead to prolonged or disrupted healing.



In the past, inflammation had negative connotations and anti-inflammatory medicines were thought beneficial, with no doubt. 

Scientists now recognize that inflammation is a direct result of the body’s natural healing mechanisms – there can be no healing without inflammation. It has an important role in how our immune system keeps the body safe and healthy. Inflammation initiates the healing processes to repair the damaged tissue.  

Suppressing this natural healing process with NSAIDs may block the beneficial effects of inflammation and may have a negative impact on immune response.  

Traumeel® helps to resolve inflammation by shortening the resolution interval and supporting healing



After injury, everyone is eager to get back to doing what they love. But if the healing process is not complete and you return to activity too soon, it can lead to further injury, repetitive injuries or even chronicity.  

So, when it comes to injuries such as strains and sprains, you need a sustainable solution and not just pain relief.  

Traumeel® offers a new approach to treating muscle and joint inflammation by supporting inflammation resolution and accelerating the natural healing process, thus providing sustained recovery from injury1,2,4-11, minimizing the risk of ’weak spots’ or chronicity.




    Traumeel® is a multitarget, multicomponent medication combining 14 natural ingredients for reliable treatment of various inflammatory conditions including injuries, especially of the musculoskeletal system. Traumeel® has been tested in many clinical and observational studies. 

     Traumeel® ingredients work together to quicker resolve inflammation, to support healing processes, and to ensure effective and well-tolerated relief of inflammation symptoms. As a result, you can regain your normal mobility and activity faster.

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