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Green + Lovely Unscented Nature's Herbal Calendula Salve - 57 g

Green + Lovely Unscented Nature's Herbal Calendula Salve - 57 g

Our multipurpose Salve Skin cream is perfect as your at-home first aid beauty ointment! We have created this product to best fit your needs in the healthiest way possible. Our Calendula Salve is perfect for scratches, abrasions, cuts, and scrapes!

Getting a small wound or abrasion healed quickly is what our goal was with this salve. The Calendula plant has amazing healing properties, this plant has been used for generations to help with healing. This calendula product is also perfect for sensitive skin. Having natural remedies for your at-home first aid kit is what we have strived to bring you!

Here at Green and Lovely we care about our loyal customers’ well being, that's why this product is certified organic! Only the best ingredients were used to make this product and bring you the best option for your beauty remedy needs.

We are firm believers in using products that only bring the best health benefits to our customers. Because of this, we do not use any parabens, chemicals, mineral oil, phthalates, petrochemicals, or artificial scents in this Calendula cream. You can always count on us to bring you the healthiest products to your home!

Green and Lovely prides itself for many reasons, one being that all of our products are made with care and quality right here in the US! Join our family and experience a better and healthier organic salve. We guarantee you'll feel the difference with our Calendula Salve! Scroll up and add one to your cart today!

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