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Dr. Reckeweg VITA ROYAL

Dr. Reckeweg VITA ROYAL

ORGANIC VITAMINS FOR ROYALTY: Raw Royal Jelly ampoules are loaded with Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, and Zinc; providing you with a complete option in one ampoule.
IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST: Given its nutrient-rich composition, Royal Jelly is used to help boost the immune system, ease menopausal symptoms, can help with fertility, aids with cognitive function, increase collagen levels, plus so much more!
ENERGY BOOST: Organic Royal Jelly ampoules are useful to boost cognition and energy production, thus improving your daily productivity.
NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES: Our compound does not contain any harmful artificial additives that may affect your well-being.
TAKE IT HOW YOU WANT IT: Unless otherwise advised by your doctor, take 1 bottle per day. It can also be diluted with water, or any juice for easier usage.
Nervous exhaustion, nervous headache, insomnia, general neurasthenia, stimulative of endogenous resistance, overexertion, depressions, inability to concentrate, lack of energy, impotency, spring fatigue, convalescence.

    Unless otherwise advised. 1 bottle per day. It can also be diluted with water, or any juice for easier usage

    Each 10 ml VITA ROYAL bottle contains: Vitamin C: 100 mg, Niacin: 20 mg, Pantothenic acid: 4 mg, Vitamin B1: 2 mg, Vitamin B2: 2 mg, Vitamin B6: 2 mg, Biotin: 300 mcg, Folic acid: 200 mcg
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