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DHU Arnical Gel Natural homeopathic remedy, Made in Germany, 50 g

DHU Arnical Gel Natural homeopathic remedy, Made in Germany, 50 g

DHU Arnical gel contains two synergic natural ingredients, Arnica and Calendula, speeds up the healing process, prompting your body to send more white blood cells to clean up and repair the bruise. Offering significant benefits in the treatment of sprains, strains, fractures, contusions, and other injuries. A remedy to reduce post-surgical swelling. Aids in the healing of many kinds of injuries resulting in minor to significant bruising, especially those that impact soft tissues. Both Arnica and Calendula plants are known for their healing properties which are documented in scientific journals. These ingredients belong to Asteraceae-containing medicinal plants, containing etheric and volatile oils which have muscle relaxing properties, as well as flavonoids which act as anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant and pain reliever agents. DHU Arnical Gel is a superior choice in sport injuries, bruises, strained tendons or any accidental bump to the body that result in blue marks or broken blood vessels. It is also beneficial in superficial phlebitis, cramp-like body aches. And swelling due to fractures. DHU Arnical gel speeds up the healing process by sending increased blood flow with plenty of white blood cells to start repairing the affected body parts for fast recovery. DHU Arnical gel does not have cytotoxic effects on blood components, and does not harm the defense mechanism inherent in these cells.

    Apply 1-2 times a day. Gently massage Arnical Gel into the affected areas or apply using a bandage. Do not apply on open wounds or near the eyes. Avoid contact of the gel with the eyes and mucous membranes. Please read product insert for detailed instructions.

    Arnica ad usum externum 1.0 g
    Calendula ext. 1.0 g

    Arnica ad usum externum and Calendula external tinctures are prepared according to the guidelines of the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB)
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