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ABBA Moisture Shampoo Olive & Peppermint Oil - 236 ml

ABBA Moisture Shampoo Olive & Peppermint Oil - 236 ml

ABBA Moisture Shampoo Use the earths purity to gently cleanse, hydrate and strengthen hair. ABBAs Moisture Shampoo hydrates and strengthens hair while adding softness and eliminating static frizz.

ABBA Moisture Shampoo for thin hair to aid you in moisturizing your tough or dry hair. This product from ABBA comes with some of natures finest ingredients. This moisture shampoo for curly hair comes with an all-natural ingredient line-up of harmful chemicals and irritable substances, fully the earths purified elements.

The ABBA moisture shampoo for dry hair strengthens and hydrates even the driest of hair. It subtly adds a bit of softness to your hair to eliminate any static frizz. One of its ingredients, peppermint, stimulates the scalp in a way that gives a fresh and clean feeling to your hair. There is no harmful chemical like sulfates.

For over 25 years, ABBA continues to push the boundaries of clean beauty. Our collection is 100% Vegan and features our proprietary ProQuinoa Complex for standout performance and purity. From volume to moisture to style we have a full portfolio of products for all hair types and textures.

ABBA Moisture Shampoo Benefits

  • Olive Butter: this natural element helps to nourish and add moisture to every strand of your hair.
  • Peppermint: this ingredient works by promoting healthy hair growth and aiding to keep your hair shining.
  • No harmful chemicals like paraben, gluten, or sulfates are present in the ABBA moisture shampoo formulation.
  • Quinoa: strengthens the hair from its cortex.
  • Barley: it also helps to strengthen the hair and repair any damages while improving overall hair management.
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