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Warehousing, Logistics & Distribution


Imports, Transportation & Warehousing

Prior to distribution, we ensure that the quality of your products does not degrade as they are imported and pass through customs. At our medical inventory facilities, we ensure all your products are of regulatory grade before distribution begins.

Our government-approved inventory facilities are secure, modern, and are temperature and humidity-controlled.

Distribution and Supplies

With over 500 physicians, medical specialists, and surgeons in our Rolodex, and over 400 pharmacies in our distribution network – you can’t find a better partner in the UAE.

Our two state-approved medical inventory facilities in Abu-Dhabi and Dubai are secure, temperature-controlled, and connected to our network of delivery vans and servicemen and women.

The map below shows the number of medical doctors and pharmacists in our network by location.

ULTRAPHARMA Customers Map.png
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